Dear Reader

The world has seen an unfolding development of ever more diverse terrorist atrocities.  But who is truly at the root of these things?

The events of 9/11, which purposefully launched the “war on terrorism” appear to have been falsely contrived by non-Islamic parties, who remain at large.  Deep questions also surround the 7/7 London bombings too, and by related extension, the ever growing number of further terrorist attacks that have we have seen since.

The Truth Appeal has sought to help establish the true nature of the terrorist threat by appealing to our nation’s Monarch and Prime Minister together, requesting that they give their shared consideration to the matter during their regular weekly meetings together.

And following a wider appeal to the Government, the further and featured appeal letter to Mr Jeremy Quin MP of 12th December 2015 is fully referenced, and lays out an expanded and complete case as to the desperate need for a full and independent inquiry of accountable due process.

However, whilst having earlier received some encouraging words from Her Majesty The Queen, as conveyed by her Senior Correspondence Officer, the Government has still yet to properly examine the matter, despite a considerable exchange of correspondence which has included replies from the Prime Minister’s Office, the Home Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The Truth Appeal welcomes your comments and enquiries through the contact page.

Yours sincerely

Roger Bentley